Veterans Day – How to Thank a Veteran Every Day, Not Just on November 11th

On this years Veterans Day, we want to address the question we get the most from people in asking “What can we do to thank you?”  There are many things you can do, no matter who you are and what you do.

Everyone can simply approach a Veteran and say “Thank You for your Service” any day of the year.  Veterans served every day of their time in service of the military, and more continue to serve in numerous ways once their military career is completed.

If you are at  a restaurant and have the means to, offer to pay part of a Veterans’ bill as a way of saying thanks.  You can choose to do it directly, or simply with the server and surprise that Veteran.

If you own a business, you can choose to offer goods and services for military members, veterans, and/or family members at a discount.  We know some businesses can’t afford to do it all the time, and a Veteran will be appreciative of whatever token you can extend.  Some businesses offer a discount one day a month, some select days of the year, and some every day.  If you do offer a discount, have a sign that announces the discount.  Also, there are some great websites that list discounts for Veterans that you can submit your discount to that Veterans follow.  Our favorite site is Military and Veteran Discount Center.  Also, if you are hiring, consider hiring a Veteran.  A Veteran can offer many skills that will help you succeed as a business and it’s a great way to give back to a Veteran every day.

Send a reminder to your elected officials (local, state, and federal) to remind them that this country owes a debt to its Veterans, and they need to make sure that any and all benefits and services for Veterans are accessible to all.

If you have a Veteran in your life that is having a hard time to do things, offer to help them, whether it be cooking a meal, helping them clean their house, or giving them a ride somewhere (grocery store, doctors office, errands, etc.).  Any gesture that you can provide shows your appreciation to that Veteran.

Remember to also thank that Veteran’s family for what they have done.  They have sacrificed for their Veteran in many ways, from putting a career on pause, being a single parent when they’re gone on deployment, training, or other duties.  Their sacrifice is just as big as the Veteran, for that Veteran could not do what they do without the support of their family.

Thank you to all who are serving, have served, and their families and supporters.  Happy Veterans Day!